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Thomas Edison

Is restlessness and discontentment always a bad thing?

According to Thomas Edison, it was the creative fuel that kept him trying new things.

He had an endless curiosity, even as a small child. When he finally learned to speak at age four, his favorite question to ask adults was” Why? “.

Thomas Edison’s life was full of ups and downs. On his road to success, he encountered restlessness.

His restlessness and discontent lead him to new discovery and invention.

This story was found on a Edison Biography website:

“Deeply in debt and about to be fired by Western Union for “not concentrating on his primary responsibilities and doing too much moonlighting,” Edison now borrowed $35.00 from his fellow telegrapher and “night owl” pal, Benjamin Bredding, to purchase a steamship ticket to the “more commercially oriented city of New York.”

During the third week after arriving in “the big apple” Tom  was purportedly “on the verge of starving to death.” At this precipitous juncture, one of the most amazing coincidences in the annals of technological history now began to unfold.  Immediately after having begged a cup of tea from a street vendor, Tom began to meander through some of the offices in New |York’s financial district. Observing that the manager of  a local brokerage firm was in a panic, he eventually determined that  a critically important stock-ticker in his office had just broken down….

    Noting that no one in the crowd that had gathered around the defective machine seemed to have a clue on how to fix it, he elbowed his way into the scene and grasped a momentary opportunity to have a go at addressing what was wrong himself…. Luckily, since he had been sleeping in the basement of the building for a few days – and doing quite a bit of snooping around – he already had a pretty good idea of what the device was supposed to do.

After spending  a few seconds confirming exactly how the stock ticker was intended to work in the first place, Tom reached down and manipulated a loose spring back to where it belonged.  To everyone’s amazement, except Tom’s, the device began to run perfectly.

The office manager was so ecstatic, he made an on-the-spot decision to hire Edison to make all such repairs for the busy company for a salary of $300.00 per month…. This was not only more than what his pal Benjamin Bredding was making back in Boston but twice the going rate for a top electrician in New York City. Later in life, Edison recalled that the incident was more euphoric than anything he ever experienced in his life because it made him feel as though he had been “suddenly delivered out of abject poverty and into prosperity.”

I am learning to rest in my restlessness because :

Restlessness and discontent can be the birth place of new discovery in our lives.

Maybe the feeling of restlessness in your heart is about to reveal an unexpected opportunity –

The story of Thomas Edison helps shed a little light on the fact that restlessness can reveal rewards!




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