At Morning’s light

At Morning’s Light

a poem for those who grieve with hope

by Tracey Russell  images-1

In deep despair

of darkest death,

I fear the cease

of every breath.

Grief uncontrolled

I try to veil,

the sorrows cry,

of mourners wail.

Alas, my victory

came into sight,

arriving swift,

at morning’s light!

The final hour

released all pain,

suffering ceased,

as Jesus came.


 Lifted high

within His grasp,

no more tears,

the old now past.

Behold He won

the journey’s fight,

 Heaven revealed,

at mornings light

Holy City


no more pain,

as souls ascent.

Radiant Glory


praise overflows,

arriving there.

Finally home

healing found,

before the throne,

true love astounds!

As  flesh and heart

will surely fail,

the strength of God,

can now prevail!

Peaceful rest

 faith now sight,

death overcome,

at mornings light!

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