Do you feel Restless ? The ugly little word guaranteed to make you feel uneasy

Are you feeling a little restless right now?



  • unable to rest or relax as a result of anxiety or boredom.
  • synonyms: uneasy, ill at ease, restive, fidgety, edgy, on edge, tense, worked up, nervous, agitated, anxious, on tenterhooks, keyed up; More
  • offering no physical or emotional rest; involving constant activity or motion.


Does this describe a few feelings in your heart?


Shaken with the meaningless and mundane?

Too much routine and not enough rest?

I feel the same way right now.

Ive been traveling all around this summer and seeing my beautiful friends. Most of them are lifetime friends that I can never replace. When I visit, their lives seem to be rich and full of friendships. Every time I return home, I feel as though my life is not what it should be. I return to my home feeling alone and isolated.

I should live closer to these friends…

My husband Should get another job

I should not be feeling so restless and should be grateful !


The first cause of my restless heart is an ugly word called should! Click To Tweet

Have you been should “ing” on yourself?

In an article from Psychology Today, author Susan Heitler explains:

Should sometimes gives good guidance.  More often it just sets unrealistic expectations, induces guilt, and decreases your desire to do what you otherwise might want to do.

A backwards-looking should also can be problematic blocking learning.

This word can cause the strongest heart to rest- less and worry more .

Inserting the word “should” makes a judgment on your life. It invalidates what you have and implies your life needs to be different in some way.

Have you been should ing on yourself too?

Is there a situation that is really bothering you?

One Quick Solution: change the sh to a c! 

Another point from the article stated:

Eliminating shoulds toward yourself will enable you to stay personally empowered.

Eliminating shoulds directed toward others will block the inappropriate sense of entitlement that provokes anger in both you and in others.

By contrast, using the words could and would like to sustain personal well-being and positive relationships.

Change the word Should to Could or even Would> This changes your perspective! Click To Tweet

Take that stinky little word and toss it right on out! It’s a good sign that your mind is not open to alternative ways to feel in your given situation.

Today – Just make one simple word change to help you stress less and rest more!

Life requires a lot of flexible thinking and choices.

I ” should” know that by now…..( just kidding)