Women’s Have Rights! The “Real” Equal Rights Amendment!

Girls, we got this!

women's right!

women’s right!


Vent Alert!

It’s my turn to admit that I believe in Women’s Rights and yet, I see them violated all the time!

It all began today, while getting a pedicure.

I was minding my own business, when my daughter said, “Hey mom, look at that!-”

I looked over to see an eight-year-old boy in a baseball cap getting his nails painted.

I tried so hard not to judge as I’m sure his mother was  desperate to get a pedicure herself.

I must say, she should have helped him with his color choice. Blue and white nails will not go over well for him on the playground in the morning with the other boys at school.

My eyes then spotted another older man coming in the door requesting a mani/pedi.

I sat horrified! Really????? Don't men know that coming in a nail salon is a violation of women's rights? Click To Tweet

You don’t see us at the Barber shop getting our legs shaved, do you?

People, this has got to stop! So I am adding my own equal rights amendments that need to followed to ensure that all women have access to our freedoms!


(to be posted on the refrigerator…… like Martin Luthers 95 theses )

1.) Women have the right to have a pedi/mani in the privacy of a female facility. Only male nail techs are acceptable because they have to rub our feet.  Guys , please think twice before invading our sacred space and ask your barber to help you learn to cut your own nails. Seriously, hateful words come to our mind when we see you.

( like sissy, prissy boy, or get-a- life- loser)


2.) Women have the right to a bad mood once a month, PERIOD! 


3.)Women have the right to drink coffee without their kids telling them them they have bad breath  and similarly

Women have the right to drink (a) glass of wine  without their children saying  That’s bad mommy! You are bad!

4.) Women have the right to wear gym clothe  to the grocery store following a workout. We are not taunting the general public in our tank tops/tennis skirts, we are just trying to be productive with our time.

5) Women have the right to be distracted– Between work, the kids, the home, the laundry, the husband, the friends, the internet, cell phone, text, voice mail, snail mail and email, We are tapped out. What did you say? Sorry if my mind seems to drift off in the middle of a conversation but that’s how we roll.

6.) Women have the right to forget something, okay anything ! This includes making dinner,  homework assignments, hair appointments, ten day twice daily medications, the dog at the kennel, drycleaning and an occasional kid after school that we were supposed to pick up. Oh no, like an hour ago!!!!

Why didn't my mother tell me that my memory was going to fade like my metabolism? Click To Tweet

7.) Women have the right to sleep at night. Seriously dudes, you get it?


8.) Women have the right to make ungrateful people do their own laundry. Ha! WE turn off video games, refuse to buy cell phones for kids, force  children to take responsibility and walk away from bad attitudes.

That will teach them to be appreciative- ( hee,hee)

9.) Women have the right to free speech with an  “occasional” curse word  but please don’t go overboard with this. They may only curse once while trying to complete their kids project on a sunday night, driving behind an aimless person who is texting while driving or dropping the groceries on their toe!

10) Last but not least, women have the right to revoke all these amendments and

Laugh deeply : 

at men in spas,

at their desire for chocolate to cure their cycle,

at their adorable children,

at our ability to dress up pretty,

live in the moment,

snuggle our husband all night

at our need to apologize for imperfect behavior!

Oh yes Girls, Women have the right!


The Mother’s Day letter your kid needs to read!

After my mother died, I searched endlessly for a letter from her….I needed to know what to do now that she was gone.


Because of her complications after surgery, she was medically paralyzed and I never heard her voice before she died. I  never heard what she might have wanted to say…I hoped she had left me a written letter on a hidden piece of paper in her home with a final goodbye or maybe even some final words of wisdom on how to be the wonderful mother she was to me?

Devastated,  I looked everywhere and found nothing!

My ritual was to go to her house and look through all her things. Maybe there is a letter in the desk? Maybe she left me a note in her journals? All I would find would be little post it notes with reminders of appointments or bills to pay. I was certain I would find the words I needed to hear from her in some miraculous way. With every failed attempt, I would end up on the floor of her closet, smelling her clothes and crying.If you have ever lost someone you love so deeply, you know what it is like to be left with a closet full of clothes you can hardly bear to get rid of.  These are the hidden moments of raw grief without comfort.


The last day I left my mother’s house, I gave up looking for the letter.

I arrived home and fell on my bed. Covering my head with a pillow like a little girl,I tried to hide the sound of  tears…. My husband asked me why I was crying and I sniffled out the words,

“I didn’t find it…I never got  the letter from my mom…I don’t have the words to know what to do….”

My husband is an engineer and words are not often his strong suit, but today God gave him the words that touched my heart into eternity.

“Tracey, don’t you realize, YOU are the letter!

Your mom invested in a relationship with you, so that YOU could say the words to our children they need to hear. She didn’t write the words with a pen or paper but she wrote them on your heart! YOU will say all the words she wanted to say.

I looked up from my pillow and stared into my husband’s eyes with an insight that was straight from God.

I was the letter?  I did have all the wonderful years of words from her stored up in my heart. I WAS THE LETTER! I could still speak the words of love  to my family that she spoke to me… I WAS THE LETTER my friends needed to hear. Mom’s voice was silent but I could become a letter to my generation reminding them that a mother’ words matter to heart of her child!

I finally released trying to find a physical letter and embraced the unseen words written into my memory of her actions – Beneath every memory, I could almost hear the words to the letter she would have written :

I saw my beautiful mother holding me as a child when I feel asleep and heard the words…

Dear Tracey, you have always been my beautiful little girl …

I saw her wrapping gifts from holidays and making special dinners

I have loved you with all my heart and always desired to make your life special… 

I saw her boarding a plane with me to go on a mission trip with cancer in her stomach

Don’t let anything keep you from serving God and others with your whole heart…

I saw her holding my babies and rocking them, while she sang their favorite lulabies

Love my precious grandchildren and be there for them in the way I was there for you …

I saw her tears at the diagnosis of cancer, the way she persisted during treatment

I will always be with you in your heart ..

I saw her holding her bible and reading her morning quiet time devotionals

Never stop praying and staying close to the Lord, as He will carry you through…

I saw her breathing her last breath while holding my hand

I love you forever, I’m waiting for you….Mom-


I will never have an actual letter but  I CAN BE THE LETTER with intentional words of love !

This Mother’s Day , I believe YOU are the most powerful letter of God’s love to your children’s heart besides the actual word of God itself, the Bible. As mothers it is easy to forget  we are so gifted at becoming this letter of love and yes, even when we blow it, we can remember that love covers a multitude of sins, ( and so does an I’m sorry )

Here’s the surprise ending you might not expect!



Today of all days, say the words you want them to read in the letter of your life! It’s so simple to become the letter our kids need to read, as we try each day to speak ONE  intentional phrase into their life each day

Say I love you

Say I will always be here

Say I know I make mistakes

Say God will always help you, even when I can’t

Say I will never stop loving you

Say no matter how big you get, you will always be my baby

Say don’t ever stop having faith in God

Say thank you for making me feel special today

Don’t let anything stand in the way of the words you want your children to hear- no matter how big or small, whether they live with you or their Dad, if they are out of the nest or in the nest, NEVER ,EVER give up on writing the letter of love in their hearts.

Your letter will be read for generation after you are gone, so write on their hearts what you want shouted out for years to come.


If I can become a reminder to you of how important your words will be to your children one day, then I am eternally grateful for the fact I never got my letter….



Please share this message with anyone you love and want to make sure they know they are a letter of love.

Happy Mother’s Day. Today and everyday  !



How to Repurpose Car time with kids by Guest Author Angel Sims!

“Are we there yet???” This question oozed from the back seat on every road trip we ever took.  Eventually, my husband had the brilliant idea that each child could only ask that question so many times per trip, depending upon how long the ride would be.  The creativity of our children tickled our funny bone as our tiny tots tapped into their inner lawyer voices.  “How much further, how many more miles, what is our estimated time of arrival?”  The questions became more articulate as the years progressed until we decided to answer every question with a chuckle and say, “Five more minutes,” no matter how far we still had to go.

In a recent Subaru commercial a doting mom claims, “This is where she grew up” speaking of the backseat of her car.  It’s a fact of our face-paced lives, whether it’s a long family road trip or a day filled with soccer fields, ballet studios, or dentist appointments… we spend time in our cars with our children.

When I was a kid, the only entertainment was starring out the window while pointing my finger like a laser beam deciding which tree or car to spare from being vaporized by my imaginary power.  Now, our kids have games, movies, music, at the tips of their tiny fingers and even head phones to keep the goofy sounds in check.  It’s easy and lets be honest sometimes a huge blessing to have our little one content and a few moments of peace as we drive.  Here comes the BUT…… let’s rethink and repurpose the opportunity.

Both of my children received Christ as their Savior after a car-ride conversation.  Each time they initiated with a question like, “How do I get Jesus?”  When I began to sense the importance of the moment I pulled off the road to give my full attention and answer their beautiful question.  I will totally admit this was during the pre-cellphone days (whew that’s hard to even imagine,) so I was never even tempted to chat as we drove… my kids had my attention.

Stats show the average American spends 600 hours per year driving, if even half of that is spent with our children in toe, that’s a lot of time.  Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:


1)    When emergency sirens scream in the distance, pray out loud with your kids that God would send His Angels ahead to minister to those in need.

2)    Bring along some gummy worms and tell your kids about being “fishers of men” (Mt. 4:19.)

3)    Talk about the oddness of a duck billed platypus… ask your kids if they could create any animal what would it look like, what would it eat, what noises would it make, where would it live?  Talk about the amazing creativity of God.  You could even throw in some animal crackers!

4)    Download and listen to Adventures in Odyssey by Focus on the Family (this was a huge hit for our whole family.)

5)    Ask your kids what character traits they look for in a friend.

6)    Take along some Goldfish and tell you kids about “the fish and the gold coin” (Mt. 17:27,) or the “boy’s fish and the feeding 5000” (Lk. 9:10-17.)

7)    Sing a long with worship music!!!

8)    Look for license plate tags from other states, describe how different the terrain and climate might be from your home.  Think about how a child might have different needs in times of crisis.


Let’s reclaim and repurpose a little of our drive time and watch the seeds of faith grow!

Angel is a mother of two children and an adjunct professor at SouthEastern University in Lakeland, Fl. She is currently writing a book on how to bring parents back to the primary role of spiritual leadership with their  children.


Prayer Practice for Parenting: Using verses in a prayer as if spoken by God to your heart.

I found a letter I wrote myself during my grief counseling.  I was hurting over the ways I watched my children struggle through this painful situation. 

As their mom, I was afraid of all the ways I was failing them with the pain of my own grief.  They were too young to understand that their mom was almost paralyzed by the hurt.

My counselor told me to write the verses of comfort into a letter to myself, as if God was speaking directly to me-

The statements were based on scriptures but put in first person form-

This practice helped me personalize many of the promises of scripture in a deeply meaningful way.

Maybe you need a little parenting pick me up from the Lord?

Parenting in this day and age is a daunting task. Without Christ, it can be an near to impossible mission to raise children to walk with God in a really challenging world. I was just reading these words spoken by Jesus to his disciples,

Mathew 19:26- Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Is there an impossible situation you are wrestling in your child’s life? Are you secretly worried that a weakness in you will damage or limit God’s work in your child’s life?

I am so grateful for this reminder from the heart of Christ himself that my impossible parenting task is possible to God. As I focus on God’s power and not my own, my heart can rest in the security of God’s work in the lives of my children.I pray you will hear the words of your Father in heaven spoken to you today.

Here is an example of my prayer that I wrote.

Maybe you can take the same challenge and write verses in prayer form as if spoken to you by God?

Dear One-

Why are you so downcast and discouraged? It is I who formed and made your child in the secret places of your being. My heart for you today is to rest. Come to me with all that you hold onto, your fears, your doubts and I will give you the rest you are longing to find. I will carry your load for you. Will you stop fretting and trying to do my job in your child’s life? Only I have the power to create change by the work of my Holy Spirit. Take Heart. Do not be afraid or discouraged. I am doing a new thing. You may not see it with your eyes, or hear it with your ears. Your mind can not understand what I have planned for you but it is a wonderful plan to prosper  you and to bring you hope. My blessings are generational as I bless to the thousandth generation.

Rest today knowing your child’s future is in my hands.



A Thankful Heart – #9


#9 Thankfulness can be shared with children taking to thank the teachers that invest in their lives. Send in a note before the holidays to thank the teacher who tries to instill a love of learning in hearts! If you are a teacher reading this message, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Give thanks to The Lord for He is good, His love endures forever psalm 118:1
Most of all, thankful hearts are full of Gods love and goodness for His people – today celebrate the gift of your life given to you by such a good God!! Even if the day does not go according to your plans, if you embrace Gods goodness in your life, the day will be full of His perfect purpose!