A Thankful Heart – #3


#3 My daughter Faith, was only three years old when my mother died. She would tell her grandma Joyce, “memember
Grandma!” ( combining the word me and remember) She wanted my mother to remember her and not forget how much she loved her. The last email from my mother to me was signed –

Memember, I love you! Those words, “Memember” would burn into my heart-
Here’s my me-minder for you today:
Be grateful for all those you love and who love you!

And member, God loves you !

Making Baby Steps toward a dream











Chase at 11 months old, unable to walk, but Mark has him starting to ride! 

No dream begins overnight. It is years of taking little baby steps toward on big wonderful dream…It means doing a little something everyday to propel you into what you really love. Maybe it is just a card or letter you need to write. A chapter written of a book or an idea you scribble on a paper. A job you inquire about or a class you register to take. It all starts with little baby steps along the way. It is not about waiting for the perfect time, finances or opportunity to come knock on your door…..

In our lives, water sports are my husband’s passion. His dream involved making fun memories on baby step at a time. This was Chase before he could walk and his dad was already planning where he wanted to take him. Same with God, our heavenly Father, has a plan and a path for you to take. He knows where He wants you to go in life. He is willing to walk you through, one baby step at at time….Are you ready to take one baby step today?