Women’s Have Rights! The “Real” Equal Rights Amendment!

Girls, we got this!

women's right!

women’s right!


Vent Alert!

It’s my turn to admit that I believe in Women’s Rights and yet, I see them violated all the time!

It all began today, while getting a pedicure.

I was minding my own business, when my daughter said, “Hey mom, look at that!-”

I looked over to see an eight-year-old boy in a baseball cap getting his nails painted.

I tried so hard not to judge as I’m sure his mother was  desperate to get a pedicure herself.

I must say, she should have helped him with his color choice. Blue and white nails will not go over well for him on the playground in the morning with the other boys at school.

My eyes then spotted another older man coming in the door requesting a mani/pedi.

I sat horrified! Really????? Don't men know that coming in a nail salon is a violation of women's rights? Click To Tweet

You don’t see us at the Barber shop getting our legs shaved, do you?

People, this has got to stop! So I am adding my own equal rights amendments that need to followed to ensure that all women have access to our freedoms!


(to be posted on the refrigerator…… like Martin Luthers 95 theses )

1.) Women have the right to have a pedi/mani in the privacy of a female facility. Only male nail techs are acceptable because they have to rub our feet.  Guys , please think twice before invading our sacred space and ask your barber to help you learn to cut your own nails. Seriously, hateful words come to our mind when we see you.

( like sissy, prissy boy, or get-a- life- loser)


2.) Women have the right to a bad mood once a month, PERIOD! 


3.)Women have the right to drink coffee without their kids telling them them they have bad breath  and similarly

Women have the right to drink (a) glass of wine  without their children saying  That’s bad mommy! You are bad!

4.) Women have the right to wear gym clothe  to the grocery store following a workout. We are not taunting the general public in our tank tops/tennis skirts, we are just trying to be productive with our time.

5) Women have the right to be distracted– Between work, the kids, the home, the laundry, the husband, the friends, the internet, cell phone, text, voice mail, snail mail and email, We are tapped out. What did you say? Sorry if my mind seems to drift off in the middle of a conversation but that’s how we roll.

6.) Women have the right to forget something, okay anything ! This includes making dinner,  homework assignments, hair appointments, ten day twice daily medications, the dog at the kennel, drycleaning and an occasional kid after school that we were supposed to pick up. Oh no, like an hour ago!!!!

Why didn't my mother tell me that my memory was going to fade like my metabolism? Click To Tweet

7.) Women have the right to sleep at night. Seriously dudes, you get it?


8.) Women have the right to make ungrateful people do their own laundry. Ha! WE turn off video games, refuse to buy cell phones for kids, force  children to take responsibility and walk away from bad attitudes.

That will teach them to be appreciative- ( hee,hee)

9.) Women have the right to free speech with an  “occasional” curse word  but please don’t go overboard with this. They may only curse once while trying to complete their kids project on a sunday night, driving behind an aimless person who is texting while driving or dropping the groceries on their toe!

10) Last but not least, women have the right to revoke all these amendments and

Laugh deeply : 

at men in spas,

at their desire for chocolate to cure their cycle,

at their adorable children,

at our ability to dress up pretty,

live in the moment,

snuggle our husband all night

at our need to apologize for imperfect behavior!

Oh yes Girls, Women have the right!


Feeling Trashed? Day 1 : When my plan hits the can!


FEELING TRASHED? When my plan hits the can! 


Feeling trashed is a slang expression describing a painful emotional state with a mix of anger, sadness and fear.

Has there ever been an unexpected circumstance that left your heart feeling trashed?

My heart shattered when an autopsy revealed that my ten-year-old nephew died from contracting an ameba from our lake.  As the media frenzy ensued, life felt littered with mixed emotions of hurt, confusion and shame. Five months later, my precious mother Joyce died unexpectedly. This final blow of grief left my heart feeling like a worthless mess tossed to the bottom of a trashcan! This was not what I had planned for my life!

As I hit an emotional bottom, I cried out to God for help.


After three years of recycling my pain before God, I learned a few secrets about feeling trashed. Will you consider having a little trash talk with a Christian girl who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty anymore? Let’s dig into the truth of this together.


Our Plans hit the Can!

Dearly loved women of God experience the pain from failed plans.  Our plans must be held with open hands in an uncertain world. Precious friend, I had to learn the hard way that my plan for my life is not God’s purpose in my life. As women, we plan to be the perfect wife, mother and friend. Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”


Elizabeth Elliot was a missionary to Ecuador that endured the painful loss of her husband, Jim, speared to death along with four other missionaries. Left widowed as a young mother, I am sure this was not the plan she dreamed for her life. She would learn first hand that God could do more than she imagined with her pain.

   What was your plan that hit the can?  Was it a lost dream, marriage or friendship? As women it is so easy for our emotions to make us feel trashed with the fear of failure and insecurity of lost relationships.  Today, will you consider opening your hands and letting go of trying to be in control of that plan? I know it hurts but be encouraged! God’s purpose will be accomplished in you and through you, regardless of this situation.

Admitting to painful emotions is the first step unraveling their power. 

Repurposing prayer:

God by the power of your spirit, I release my plan that I hold so dear in my heart. Help me to surrender to your eternal purpose for my life and give me strength. Amen..