A Mother’s Gift at Graduation :The gift of the Rock

The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Psalm 18:2



Graduation day is mixed with feelings of overwhelming love, pride and a tinge of uncertainty.

What now? How do I parent this adult child into the unknown? Will my child make good choices in college and will we still be close?

Why is it that I look at my fully grown son and my heart beats as fast as the moment I saw his little face for the first time?

When I was handed that little baby boy, I had no idea of the God sized purpose placed in my arms. Now as I see him dress in a cap and gown, I realize that graduation day means he is leaving boyhood officially behind and graduating into manhood.

Graduation day is mixed with feelings of overwhelming love, pride and a tinge of uncertainty.

What now? How do I parent this adult child into the unknown? Will my child make good choices in college and will we still be close? Honestly, I don’t have the answers to these questions as I am beginning this journey into the unknown myself.

What I do have is a lifetime of knowing that my God is indeed, my rock,  capable of holding strong faith in place when the world seems to be shifting. He is a mighty fortress of protection around my child into the unknown.  Before I even knew to pray, God would intervene on behalf of my son’s life.


I think back to the day he was born and his life was protected by the God who allowed the exact doctors office to be strategically placed right next door to the highest level trauma delivery team  that I would need for a fast emergency c-section that would save his life and mine.


God was my deliverer 

I see the intervention of God over his life, as his father and I would divorce when he was only two years old. Before I even knew to pray for reconciliation, God was intervening, drawing the heart of my husband to a full surrender and orchestrating the resurrection of a godly re-marriage in Christ. Oh, how God has intervened to give my son a mother and father united in Christ, holding a family together that could surround him with generations of love.


God was my salvation

I see my son growing strong and doing flips the other kids couldn’t do. He was jumping off the play house instead of playing underneath. With flips and twists, he was skateboarding when the other kids wanted to play soccer. “Hey Mom, watch me jump this curb” I would sit in the front yard with a smile and love my little dare devil. I would watch his passion for action grow and compete in wake board and skate boarding contests. When I wished his feet would just stay on the ground, I still knew he had to use his ability to ride the highest waves of life.


God was my shield 

I see my son receive a scholarship this month,  to train as an officer in the United States Army and I see a man emerge from the protection of my home to learn to fight against the chaos of this world. My heart fills with both pride and fear at the unknown future he will face. Will this country appreciate his gift to serve?

God is my stronghold 


My greatest gift today is knowing that I have my Rock, who will hold me when I am not sure how to do this” graduation thing.” My rock will hold strong when I am not sure how to let go of my boy. My rock will hold secure when I can’t tuck him in at night and make sure he is safe. My rock will hold my son for the rest of his life.

Today, I will be holding on to the Rock and that is the greatest gift a mother could have at graduation.

Will you remember with me, that if you have Jesus Christ as your savior, that you have the Rock too?

For any other mother that might be tempted today to feel alone or uncertain today –

I hope you know that because of  Jesus Christ, you have the gift of the Rock that will hold for you and your graduate  ! Would you like to list the name of your graduate that you are holding on to the Rock for as you read this- Leave me a comment with their name and your memory and we will hold onto the ROCK together.




Restyle a Mason Jar!

A cup of cold water in my name....

A cup of cold water in my name….

Restyle a Mason Jar!

This is one sassy little restyle I found at the Women of Compassion event! Adding a simple little string with a Bible verse attached  was a great little addition to restyle a mason jar. The blue and white paper straw and fresh blackberry on the rim of the glass added charming elements to sip blackberry tea.

More creative ideas to restyle a mason jar could include:

A birthday party with printed names

A wedding anniversary and write the date

A bridal shower and display the bride’s new last name


Consider this cute little restyle the next time you have a celebration of your own!