What God would say to a Mom when her child struggles

What GOd Says

My Child My Child!

Why are you  suffering in regard to your child?

Do you not realize it is I who have formed them and placed them

within your life for my great purpose?

These are purposes beyond your reach, beyond any human effort you could try to obtain.

I watch you toil in vain, in agony over your limited but beautiful efforts.

You are not able to do what only can be accomplished through my spirit.

I see such love in your heart and I only ask that you pray for the wisdom I promise to give you.

I have promised the protection your child needs.

I have promised the strength you need and the power to overcome obstacles

Do you trust me, Daughter?

In that moment of your greatest worry or slightest anxious feeling,

release your child to me in prayer. Click To Tweet

Submit your heart and soul to me as Lord of your family, Master of their care.

Resist the temptation of the evil one to fret or question my power.

When you praise me, these evil thoughts will leave and flee your mind like rats running in fear.

I will be faithful to complete the good work I desire to accomplish in your child- Click To Tweet

Love your Father in heaven

When the flower of my faith dies…

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What to do when you loose the image of beauty in your family ?

Don’t you hate it when the beauty of your family seems lost in a moment of unexpected turmoil?

Car rides are typically NOT a good time for me. Some of my worst moments as a mother have been driving in my flesh! ( pun intended) Did I mention that I have anxiety in car rides when my husband’s driving feels like I am in a race car on the Indy 500? Our ” no electronics” car ride policy seems like a death sentence as I want to numb out everyones minds on video gaming and movie watching. Instead, there are occasional arguments, followed by fart wars and serious irritable bowel syndrome! Someone is bound to loose their temper and it makes me feel like I was just hit with a big POW! Yes, our most difficult family discussions end up in cars.

At other times, it’s not a car ride but an emotional ride of hurt and pain caused by a person that I love. I want to love this person but I see areas of distance and pulling away. I see a lack of faith and trust. I see behaviors that I don’t like and want to change but I can’t. This emotional roller coaster causes me to feel discouraged and suddenly I focus on all that is wrong with my little centerpiece of beauty.

It seems like we are just a bunch of fading flowers.


 The centerpiece of beauty for mothers is the family they have helped to create. At times, we can experience a POW as mothers in the arrangement of our family.

 In this case, a POW stands for a Person Outta Whack!

This person is causing the centerpiece of beauty in our hearts to appear wilted! Typically this POW, or person outta whack, can be a child that is not behaving, a husband that seems unloving or a family member that is causing us stress. We can begin to think judgmental thoughts about our selves and the other person!

Judgmental thoughts are filled with words like,  you should, could, always and never !!!!

A POW  feels out of your control! 


You are doing your best and a person in your family can still have a problem.

Stop  allowing judgmental thoughts about the person to change the image of your family and start praying!  

You can't control a POW in life but you can change your perspective into a WOW Click To Tweet!

Expect a WOW! 

It’s time to shift the focus from the flowers and gaze at the one who created them!

HE is the only one who can bring a wilted flower back to life again. Only He can restore you with the living water that will help you find the strength to change your focal point in life.

Hebrews 12:2  Now stay focused on Jesus, who designed and perfected our faith. He endured the cross and ignored the shame of that death because He focused on the joy that was set before Him; and now He is seated beside God on the throne, a place of honor. ( The Voice) 

The only way to change a POW to a WOW is prayer Click To Tweet!

Here is a prayer to find your focus again in the form of a first person prayer from the Lord based on scripture reminders.

My Child,

I see you mourning the losses,  hurting again in your heart. I care so deeply for you and I hold each tear you cry as precious. I see the reality of the situation and the way you desire to avoid the pain. You must learn to shift your focus to me. I will provide for you in the deepest parts but you can not continue to look to people for your needs.

Shift your focus

Remember that I am doing a new thing in your life- I have the plan to make your life complete Is 43:19

Shift your focus

You are not a pleaser of men but a pleaser of me Galatians 1:10

Shift your focus

You are making eternal progress do not be concerned with temporary gains- 2 Corinthians 4:18

Shift your focus

You have a heart that desires true riches in my kingdom and not earthy rewards Mathew 6:34

Shift your focus

I am your Father in heaven and I will protect you Matthew 6 :25-34

Shift your focus and see the truth of my love for you today !