Get out of the Box! Words to help you bust out of your comfort zone



Get out of the Box

Words to help you bust out of your comfort zone

The Box

by Tracey Lynn Russell 

I have a little box

for my little life.

It’s the place

where I fit

my family, my church and my children

neat and tidy

 in the  box-

Four predictable corners of cardboard!

 God is in the box with me-

or at least I thought so?

One day, my little box began to shake!

It even felt a little crowded!

The sides of the box began to rip open with a sharp divine purpose

that felt like a box cutter!


the box burst open with unseen hands tearing down the walls

Know what?

God is not in 

the box

the box-2

 My boxed in perspective of life crumbled

with a divine perspective.  Life can’t be boxed in


God  is everywhere,

all the time, working all around,

outside, underneath and all over the world.

 You can’t stop Him, harness Him, control Him, demand of Him or figure Him out.

If I serve a big God, how could I ever desire my life to stay in the box of my comfort?

I must resist the box.

To know that God  is out of the box is my greatest comfort


it’s hard to live a life

pre-packaged,  just like everyone else.

The box tempts my false sense of security.

At times when I am afraid

I want to scream,

” Everyone get back in the box! It’s safe, secure and comfortable there!”

But it really isn’t safe there

It really wasn’t comfortable

God won’t let me go back in the box!

His hands keeps pulling apart

the cardboard facades of those who love him


 He is an unseen wall of protection.

God didn’t create a brown, boring life!

 His world outside the box is full of multi-colored moments,

the adventure of a lifetime



the whole earth,

the sky,

the stars,

the heavens


my heart

with more that I can

dream or imagine

You know what ?

I no longer can fit in

the box.

Go ahead and get in the Ocean of His love !

Foot Selfies in the Sand-


During the summer, social media is popping with pictures of sandy shores, foot selfies in flip-flops with an aqua blue ocean in the background.

Friends of mine are arriving at the beach and relaxing while watching waves roll onto the warm sand. Recently, I learned something shocking about a few friends of mine.

They NEVER swim in the ocean while at the beach!

WHAT? My Floridian mind could not comprehend what I was hearing! I wondered why they would sit on the beautiful shore but not experience the cooling waters of the sea? They feel completely safe on the sand but don’t like the feeling of the unknown lurking in the water.

Why aren’t they in the ocean ? Simple answer from both:

Fear of Sharks

Here is an interesting statistic on sharks from an article called Why you Shouldn’t be Worried about Shark Attacks-


“Although most Americans know in their brains that their chances of being bitten by a shark are slim, they remain more fearful of sharks than, say, collapsing sand holes, which statistically kill more people at the beach.”

Can you believe more people die from collapsing sand and sinkholes that shark attacks?

Even though we perceive the sand to be safe, it is the very area where more deaths occur. We all have “safe places” we have created in our mind. “Safe places” whisper to our hearts, ” if you will just stay here, nothing bad will happen to you.” This is an empty promise that paralyzes our faith.

Where is your safe place- your shark free zone?

 Is it a place of emotional , spiritual  or physical protection?


What do you need to really make you feel safe in the uncertainty of life?

The truth is that no specific person, place or behavior can guarantee our safety. Life is full of the unexpected and unplanned events, even in the places we feel are “safe.”In Mathew 3:9 Jesus warned the people, “Don’t just say to each other, ‘We’re safe, for we are descendants of Abraham.” In other words, don’t think that a certain religious background or person other than God can keep you safe in life. God’s love for us is our true protection.

God’s love for us is like  an ocean of  protection surrounding us, even with the unknown lurking below. 


Be reminded from Psalm 103:17

“But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children–“


The truth is that fear, be it exaggerated or realistic, limits all of us in life. Fear limits us from enjoying fun activities, beautiful surroundings and wonderful new experiences. Sometimes fear fools us into believing that we can magically avoid pain and sorrow if we just play it safe in life! I am certainly not encouraging reckless or dangerous behavior, but I am challenging myself and others to really begin to overcome the limitations of unhealthy fear.


What fear is holding you back today?

Maybe it’s not the fear of sharks but what is keeping you from diving into a new opportunity or brand new relationship? For me, it is often the temptation to play it safe by avoiding conflict or hard conversations with others that keeps me on the shore of fear. As I write this blog, I am dealing with a fear of confronting a situation that has been bugging me for a long time. I tend to stuff negative feelings way too long in an effort to not hurt someone else. By the time I confront the person, I am not as effective in my conflict resolution as I would have been if I would deal with things quickly!

Will you grab my hand and head in to the ocean of love with this simple prayer ?

a repurposed heart

Dear Lord,

I know that I have been playing life safe by __________________________________. I confess that I am only truly safe in the protect of your love for me.

I ask that you would replace my need for human safety with your spirit of protection over my life that reminds me to trust you, to obey you and know you are with me.

Help me to let go of my fear and trust your love for me by _____________________________________________________. I ask this in the name of Jesus, Amen –



Prayer is always the best shark free zone possible !