How to Repurpose Car time with kids by Guest Author Angel Sims!

“Are we there yet???” This question oozed from the back seat on every road trip we ever took.  Eventually, my husband had the brilliant idea that each child could only ask that question so many times per trip, depending upon how long the ride would be.  The creativity of our children tickled our funny bone as our tiny tots tapped into their inner lawyer voices.  “How much further, how many more miles, what is our estimated time of arrival?”  The questions became more articulate as the years progressed until we decided to answer every question with a chuckle and say, “Five more minutes,” no matter how far we still had to go.

In a recent Subaru commercial a doting mom claims, “This is where she grew up” speaking of the backseat of her car.  It’s a fact of our face-paced lives, whether it’s a long family road trip or a day filled with soccer fields, ballet studios, or dentist appointments… we spend time in our cars with our children.

When I was a kid, the only entertainment was starring out the window while pointing my finger like a laser beam deciding which tree or car to spare from being vaporized by my imaginary power.  Now, our kids have games, movies, music, at the tips of their tiny fingers and even head phones to keep the goofy sounds in check.  It’s easy and lets be honest sometimes a huge blessing to have our little one content and a few moments of peace as we drive.  Here comes the BUT…… let’s rethink and repurpose the opportunity.

Both of my children received Christ as their Savior after a car-ride conversation.  Each time they initiated with a question like, “How do I get Jesus?”  When I began to sense the importance of the moment I pulled off the road to give my full attention and answer their beautiful question.  I will totally admit this was during the pre-cellphone days (whew that’s hard to even imagine,) so I was never even tempted to chat as we drove… my kids had my attention.

Stats show the average American spends 600 hours per year driving, if even half of that is spent with our children in toe, that’s a lot of time.  Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:


1)    When emergency sirens scream in the distance, pray out loud with your kids that God would send His Angels ahead to minister to those in need.

2)    Bring along some gummy worms and tell your kids about being “fishers of men” (Mt. 4:19.)

3)    Talk about the oddness of a duck billed platypus… ask your kids if they could create any animal what would it look like, what would it eat, what noises would it make, where would it live?  Talk about the amazing creativity of God.  You could even throw in some animal crackers!

4)    Download and listen to Adventures in Odyssey by Focus on the Family (this was a huge hit for our whole family.)

5)    Ask your kids what character traits they look for in a friend.

6)    Take along some Goldfish and tell you kids about “the fish and the gold coin” (Mt. 17:27,) or the “boy’s fish and the feeding 5000” (Lk. 9:10-17.)

7)    Sing a long with worship music!!!

8)    Look for license plate tags from other states, describe how different the terrain and climate might be from your home.  Think about how a child might have different needs in times of crisis.


Let’s reclaim and repurpose a little of our drive time and watch the seeds of faith grow!

Angel is a mother of two children and an adjunct professor at SouthEastern University in Lakeland, Fl. She is currently writing a book on how to bring parents back to the primary role of spiritual leadership with their  children.


Do you have a heart of Compassion?

Do you have a heart of compassion for children ?

Each year, women from all over the state of Florida gather for the annual Women of Compassion event at the Florida Baptist Children’s Home in Lakeland, Florida.

Women of Compassion is a society of women who are passionate about giving to change the lives of children throughout Florida and in countries throughout the developing world.  The cost of joining the giving society is $1000 for one year and includes:

  • The opportunity to truly impact precious children in desperate need
  • Free entry to an inspiring Women of Compassion event (this year, the event is “God-Sized Dreams”)
  • Inspiring mailings, including the Women of Compassion Newsletter
  • Advance notice of exciting mission trip opportunities exclusively for Women of Compassion
  • Special events

We collectively raise around 50-70 thousand dollars each year. In addition,  we raise money for international projects through Orphan’s Heart. Last year the project was Tanzania! While our family was raising funds through Freeride 836 for a home in Tanzania, Women of Compassion was raising money for another home in Tanzania on the same property. We thought there would be two homes. As it turned out, the funds were combined to build one BIG home for 30 children.

As a counsel member of Women of Compassion, I was thrilled to discover a special woman in our organization personally funded this project. This week at our event I was able to meet her for the first time as we were both given gifts for our efforts with building the home. To my surprise her name was Wendy Russell! We share the same last name and the same love for Tanzania.

I cried as I hugged her for the first time. I couldn’t believe God had given another woman the same desire as me to help save little babies in Africa and give them a home. It was such an honor to meet her and I want you to meet her too! Here is her picture!

Meeting Wendy Russell

Meeting Wendy Russell

Another amazing gift was given to my friend Shannin Pickle, founder of Small Steps, the property in Tanzania. The land she owns came with a small home that she had renovated to house the babies as they awaited the building of new homes. An artist painted her a beautiful portrait of the original home on the property. I accepted  this award for Shannin who could not attend. I was able to hand over the lovely painting to her mother and sister in law.

Portrait for Small Steps

Maybe you have a heart of compassion to help save children, like me? It is amazing for me to find that God has women in this world who are uniquely called to care for “the least of these” in the world.

It is no surprise to me that Jesus blessed children saying the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these..

If you are in the state of Florida, please consider joining me next year if you have a heart of compassion for children.

Live repurposed for children !

Re-Joycing today-Tracey