Restyle an old sewing machine !

Super cute RESTYLE of an old sewing machine!


  • Have you ever seen an object from your parent’s or grandparent’s past and wondered what to do with it? This sewing machine is an example of a very outdated object that needs a whole new purpose.Maybe you have an old sewing machine you would like to convert into a decorative drink server?

    For added interest at your next party,  serve old fashioned sodas and lemonade from a sewing machine!

Interested in more re-imaginiations of furniture? Go to!

Restyle a Mason Jar!

A cup of cold water in my name....

A cup of cold water in my name….

Restyle a Mason Jar!

This is one sassy little restyle I found at the Women of Compassion event! Adding a simple little string with a Bible verse attached  was a great little addition to restyle a mason jar. The blue and white paper straw and fresh blackberry on the rim of the glass added charming elements to sip blackberry tea.

More creative ideas to restyle a mason jar could include:

A birthday party with printed names

A wedding anniversary and write the date

A bridal shower and display the bride’s new last name


Consider this cute little restyle the next time you have a celebration of your own!




A writers new best friend to restyle your website and brand!

Are you a writer who needs help forming a website and brand? Maybe you have written a book and you need to restyle your marketing and website to attract more readers?

Most writers have a message burning in their hearts that they cant wait to share with others. With the use of computers, many new writers are scouring the internet to find out how their content can reach their target market of readers. It is a  daunting task of marketing, research, promotion and graphic design. You may be just like me and be wondering, “Wow, I thought I just wanted to write!”

I just need to share a secret with anyone who is interested in developing their writers platform or publicizing a book . Litfuse is an amazing publicity group that helped me with my website and development. I can’t say enough about how they have worked with me to uniquely capture my message and brand.

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A BIG Live Repurposed shout out to Amy and Karla who worked tirelessly on my website and helped me learn the process. This was no small effort to help a really verbal girl design a website over back and forth emails!

Thank you again for all your wonderful help!