A Month of Praying for Friends

prayer for friends

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This month it’s all about praying for your friends.

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others around you to pray.

Truly, there is no greater power in the Christians life than prayer which is  direct communication with God. Take advantage of your greatest spiritual force to move mountains !

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A letter to my son on his way to college


Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth.

Psalm 127:4


I am struggling this morning to see the boy I raised with the crystal blue eyes like his daddy and brown silky hair as a man ready to enter the world of college.

Isn’t this the one I held in my arms and pledged to hold forever?

-the one who held my hand as he learned to walk and then ran to me with skinned knees.

– the fast paced little boy who climbed trees and wanted me to watch him learn to skateboard in the driveway.

-the teenager who still needed my encouragment

– the  young man I watched graduate from High School

Now he is ready to go to the next phase and my mother’s heart is wrestling with bitter sweet feelings.

Sometimes I am ready for this emerging man to launch and other times, I want to be the mom that gets to hold him forever like my little baby, protecting him from the world.

As I begin this day of taking him to college, I am writing this letter that he may never read-

But if you have a son leaving to college it may be the words of your heart too?

Dear Son-

I have loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you as they placed you in my arms. I wondered how I could have ever existed without in my life. I looked at your tiny body and marveled at the way God designed every part and little piece of you, wonderful you! 

 My life forever changed in an instant-

 Life ceased to be all about me and became all about loving you, making sure you had everything you needed that I could give you. Your birth began a journey of love that has brought me to this moment that I can hardly fathom. 

Now instead of holding you, I am letting you go into the world with out me. 

It’s hard to love someone and then release your ability to protect, care and love them on a daily basis but it is a requirement of loving you. 

In the back of my mind, I remember raising you with the intention of sending you out like an arrow, peircing this world with intention and strength- targeted at a specific goal. 

I know in my heart that the power of an arrow comes with release from the hands of the warrior. Just like that arrow you must fly with  purpose to a target that only God can direct. 

I want you to know I will always be be there for you, standing here, watching and praying for your life to hit the mark intended for you before time.

No matter if you feel you are lost on the that journey, remember that God has the power to enable you to hit the bullseye of life. It is God who will complete this work in your life and not your own ability or performance. 

Life is not an easy task and there will be times when you fail or make wrong choices, times when your heart breaks and your faith seems lost. Do not give up, my son,  as these moments are part of your growth and part of what will make you a better man in the future-

Trust God to restore you , even when you make mistakes, take a wrong turn, or feel broken of your personal strength

I have learned the power of a mother’s love touches her children in life the most through prayer and so I will be praying for you, my son, fighting unseen battles for you on my knees daily. 

I will never stop believing in the calling God has on your life and the ways only He can work to bring you the peace and joy of a living in the center of His will. 

Know that I am always here for you, always loving you and always keeping a place for you in my home, my beautiful boy. 

I will always be waiting for you with hugs when you need them and encouragement to help you keep up the good fight- 

I love you today and always – Mom 


When you feel disapointed



Even when others disappoint me with their actions –

God will not disappoint me with His ability

to change my reaction and help me find joy again


Me-minders are designed to help you remember anchoring statements when you feel negative emotions. They are can be printed out or written on a small piece of paper as a quick reference.

Do you have a me-minder that you say to yourself? Feel free to share it here and you just may see it published on my blog 🙂

Thank you for reading –

A Thankful Heart – #9


#9 Thankfulness can be shared with children taking to thank the teachers that invest in their lives. Send in a note before the holidays to thank the teacher who tries to instill a love of learning in hearts! If you are a teacher reading this message, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Give thanks to The Lord for He is good, His love endures forever psalm 118:1
Most of all, thankful hearts are full of Gods love and goodness for His people – today celebrate the gift of your life given to you by such a good God!! Even if the day does not go according to your plans, if you embrace Gods goodness in your life, the day will be full of His perfect purpose!

A Thankful Heart – #8


#8 This is the man that makes my heart still beat after almost 20 years of marriage.


I look in his eyes and I see the cutest kid on the beach in Miami that stole my heart. ( wink) I am so grateful for a husband that makes my life complete. If you have a husband that makes your heart beat too, list his name for me to see!

A Thankful Heart – #7


#7 What would life be like without the love of friends?- If you have a friend you cherish-don’t be afraid to share your heart of thankfulness with them. Here’s to the friends who laugh, cry and encourage our lives every day.

xoxo-“share” with the friend you love today!

A Thankful Heart – #6


#6 Fear in my heart seeks to consume me, paralyze my attempts to chase after Gods calling with abandon.
Thankfulness comes with the joy of full surrender before a God who takes my fear and increases my faith.

Fear – less , live more!!

Love always requires a risk – Love does not make you comfortable but pushes you to dare beyond what you believe you can give. The risk of love will produce a greater reward than you can imagine.

A Thankful Heart – #5


#5 Grandparents invest so much into the lives of our children. No matter if they live near or far, their impact is so important to little one who look to them for an extra dose of love in life. Here’s to the grandparents that take children by the hand and walk them into a lifetime of special memories.

Thankful heart – learning to be thankful again

being thankful Being thankful is different than feeling thankful. Being thankful requires action- It requires a change in your “being!” You must move from one state to another. Physiologically, it is impossible to act on  two emotions at the same time. So you can’t be ungrateful and be grateful, you can’t be unappreciative and be appreciative, you can’t be thankless and be thankful at the same time. The two week thankful heart challenge is to help move my heart into the action of being thankful.

After my mother and ten year old nephew died, I struggled to feel thankful for anything. The pain of grief blinded me to gratitude. Everything hurt. As time passed, and the intensive feelings of loss began to lift, I began to see the faces of the children I loved to dearly pulling my heart into thankfulness. Being thankful moved my heart into actions of daily love for them instead of feeling frozen with grief.  The  sound of voices I treasure, special friends and family seemed to silently call me  to come out of my loss and into life again. Being thankful for them moved my heart to make time to connect, engage in laughter and enjoy moments.

Because I know the depth of loss, I want to repurpose my heart to a heart of thankfulness that embraces the moments of every day life. I need to hit the reset button my ungrateful, unappreciative and thankless soul. So, I wondered if you might join me, being thankful for a few people in your life. This effort should take just a few minutes of your time but will set your heart into the action of  thankfulness.

Today I willing to push my heart into the action of being thankful- It is the key to a life of blessing! Will you say yes to a life of being thankful too?  Post me your answer !

I Thessalonians 5:18 Be thankful in all things, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus…

A Thankful Heart – #4

heart#4 Our lives are full of unnoticed heroes- the kind of person that doesn’t want any credit but invests so much into others. They are just like the pair of boots hidden subtly in this picture. They don’t scream for attention but their footprints in your life are significant. Thank an unnoticed hero in your life today and share this message with them.