My Resting Place


A poem that inspires you to find rest in the hope of heaven!

When at last

I am hard pressed

I take flight

in chaotic stress

I travel to

the resting place

I seek the presence

of unseen grace.

I go and walk to

a space of green

when my spirit is  low,

my endurance lean.

I rest upon


holy ground

where remains below,

are only found.

No more laughter

no counsel to share,

only silence,

I find there.

All my hopes

beneath the ground

unending  joy,

in a smile was found.

I can no more,

relive this past.

I must move on,

as shadows cast.

and yet I have

within my heart

a flame afire,

where longs part.

Standing up

upon my feet

I return

to life’s long street

I found not rest

nor comforts love

it’s only found in

heaven above

The epitaph’s

silent refrain

eternal hope,

my only gain.

Golden sun

sets on the day

I slowly turn

to walk away

This resting place

tells me to live

I now return

with more to give

Until I depart

from earthly space

 heavens door gives me

 My resting place.