Get out of the Box! Words to help you bust out of your comfort zone



Get out of the Box

Words to help you bust out of your comfort zone

The Box

by Tracey Lynn Russell 

I have a little box

for my little life.

It’s the place

where I fit

my family, my church and my children

neat and tidy

 in the  box-

Four predictable corners of cardboard!

 God is in the box with me-

or at least I thought so?

One day, my little box began to shake!

It even felt a little crowded!

The sides of the box began to rip open with a sharp divine purpose

that felt like a box cutter!


the box burst open with unseen hands tearing down the walls

Know what?

God is not in 

the box

the box-2

 My boxed in perspective of life crumbled

with a divine perspective.  Life can’t be boxed in


God  is everywhere,

all the time, working all around,

outside, underneath and all over the world.

 You can’t stop Him, harness Him, control Him, demand of Him or figure Him out.

If I serve a big God, how could I ever desire my life to stay in the box of my comfort?

I must resist the box.

To know that God  is out of the box is my greatest comfort


it’s hard to live a life

pre-packaged,  just like everyone else.

The box tempts my false sense of security.

At times when I am afraid

I want to scream,

” Everyone get back in the box! It’s safe, secure and comfortable there!”

But it really isn’t safe there

It really wasn’t comfortable

God won’t let me go back in the box!

His hands keeps pulling apart

the cardboard facades of those who love him


 He is an unseen wall of protection.

God didn’t create a brown, boring life!

 His world outside the box is full of multi-colored moments,

the adventure of a lifetime



the whole earth,

the sky,

the stars,

the heavens


my heart

with more that I can

dream or imagine

You know what ?

I no longer can fit in

the box.