The Royal Rules to Date my Son! Stuff you should know from the Queen of the Castle

Fairy Godmother: like all dreams, well, I’m afraid this can’t last forever. You have only until midnight, and—

Cinderella: Midnight? Oh, thank you

Rules to date my son!

Even Cinderella had a limit on her big date with Prince Charming.

Her fairy godmother had to warn her that there were boundaries surrounding her time with the Prince.” Don’t stay out past midnight” was the first curfew to protect a princess.

I’m may not be your fairy Godmother but the I am the Queen of the castle for three teenage boys. I watched for years as many a fair lady has tried successfully and unsuccessfully to invade the castle fortress. ( sigh)

Finally, I am ready to share the insider secrets.

Now Princess, there are a few things you should know if you desire to be the Queen of the castle, one day.  Break these rules and well, lets just say you could end up with an evil step mom who throws you into the… Click To Tweet I hope to help you rise to power with a real happily every after story and not get knocked off your throne.


 The Rules !

  1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, don’t be the instagram Queen of all!  Is your social media full of selfies, crying out for attention? My son notices if you demand high amounts of approval from other guys. Another confession, yes I notice too and so do my friends. It’s a great idea to delete excessive skin or old boyfriend pics. Watch out for what your pictures are really saying about you.


  1. Crown Jewels are not to be touched until marriage ! (enough said!)



  1. My son is not Aladdin, so please don’t dress like Jasmine-. The motto in my house is “modest is hottest –“ so remember that if you are tempted to show your belly like Jasmine.


  1. Evil witches are always discovered: ARE you trying Cheap shots and jealous plots to get attention in a negative way? Sin has a way of finding you out and making you seem like the bad girl. You don’t need to try to make the Prince jealous telling him about ALL the guys you dated in the past.  Be confident. Don’t play games .


  1. Sleeping Beauty?- No boyfriends home is a place you can get your beauty rest and receive true loves kiss. Oh please, don’t lay around my house with my son and make me think of numerous excuses to walk in any room with a closed door or a suspicious darkness. Wake up little princess!
  2. Beauty and the Beast- I know at times any Prince can be confused for a worldly beast. Believe it or not, men really do care about your inward beauty. My boys always mention qualities that reflect what’s inside your heart. They notice if you swear, cheat, lie, gossip or drink. They love when you are kind, honest, loyal and pure. INWARD beauty matters.


  1. Be our Guest! When you come to my home, please know that you are a welcomed guest that I enjoy getting to know. I like to talk to you and hear about what is important to you.  Please and thank you, along with other manners show me that you are a quality young lady. I expect my son to always treat you as his guest too: opening your doors, greeting your parents and making sure you get home safe. Guests honor curfews and yes, my son has one too. If he is ever at your home past 12 midnight, BE my guest and ask him to leave with my blessing. If you want to stay at my house past 12 midnight, I am afraid you will turn into a pumpkin.



Now with one last wave of my majic wand, I will bid you goodbye and remember …

If you follow my rules, Dreams really do come true!