A Thankful Heart – #9


#9 Thankfulness can be shared with children taking to thank the teachers that invest in their lives. Send in a note before the holidays to thank the teacher who tries to instill a love of learning in hearts! If you are a teacher reading this message, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Give thanks to The Lord for He is good, His love endures forever psalm 118:1
Most of all, thankful hearts are full of Gods love and goodness for His people – today celebrate the gift of your life given to you by such a good God!! Even if the day does not go according to your plans, if you embrace Gods goodness in your life, the day will be full of His perfect purpose!

A Thankful Heart – #8


#8 This is the man that makes my heart still beat after almost 20 years of marriage.


I look in his eyes and I see the cutest kid on the beach in Miami that stole my heart. ( wink) I am so grateful for a husband that makes my life complete. If you have a husband that makes your heart beat too, list his name for me to see!

A Thankful Heart – #7


#7 What would life be like without the love of friends?- If you have a friend you cherish-don’t be afraid to share your heart of thankfulness with them. Here’s to the friends who laugh, cry and encourage our lives every day.

xoxo-“share” with the friend you love today!

A Thankful Heart – #6


#6 Fear in my heart seeks to consume me, paralyze my attempts to chase after Gods calling with abandon.
Thankfulness comes with the joy of full surrender before a God who takes my fear and increases my faith.

Fear – less , live more!!

Love always requires a risk – Love does not make you comfortable but pushes you to dare beyond what you believe you can give. The risk of love will produce a greater reward than you can imagine.

A Thankful Heart – #5


#5 Grandparents invest so much into the lives of our children. No matter if they live near or far, their impact is so important to little one who look to them for an extra dose of love in life. Here’s to the grandparents that take children by the hand and walk them into a lifetime of special memories.

Thankful heart – learning to be thankful again

being thankful Being thankful is different than feeling thankful. Being thankful requires action- It requires a change in your “being!” You must move from one state to another. Physiologically, it is impossible to act on  two emotions at the same time. So you can’t be ungrateful and be grateful, you can’t be unappreciative and be appreciative, you can’t be thankless and be thankful at the same time. The two week thankful heart challenge is to help move my heart into the action of being thankful.

After my mother and ten year old nephew died, I struggled to feel thankful for anything. The pain of grief blinded me to gratitude. Everything hurt. As time passed, and the intensive feelings of loss began to lift, I began to see the faces of the children I loved to dearly pulling my heart into thankfulness. Being thankful moved my heart into actions of daily love for them instead of feeling frozen with grief.  The  sound of voices I treasure, special friends and family seemed to silently call me  to come out of my loss and into life again. Being thankful for them moved my heart to make time to connect, engage in laughter and enjoy moments.

Because I know the depth of loss, I want to repurpose my heart to a heart of thankfulness that embraces the moments of every day life. I need to hit the reset button my ungrateful, unappreciative and thankless soul. So, I wondered if you might join me, being thankful for a few people in your life. This effort should take just a few minutes of your time but will set your heart into the action of  thankfulness.

Today I willing to push my heart into the action of being thankful- It is the key to a life of blessing! Will you say yes to a life of being thankful too?  Post me your answer !

I Thessalonians 5:18 Be thankful in all things, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus…

Uncharted Water

So how does a middle aged momma of four begin blogging at 45  with 30 year olds blogging years worth of content since the conception of the internet?

I am not exactly sure how I got here, except for the fact that I have a story to tell and to share. I thought I would write my story and be done with my part to make it known to others. That’s not the way a vision works. What started out as a simple book proposal has taken me farther into ministry than I suspected. A headshot, A website, a blog?? I don’t know about all this! I don’t feel ready and I certainly don’t know what I am doing! How do I do something I don’t feel like I understand? I feel like a missionary called to foreign missions who is now being asked to get a passport, a visa and learn a new language. All of this to be faithful to one message to share my heart for Christ’s repurposing work on the cross for women. All of this to give glory to the one who has given me joy when I lost mine-

I have been following a vision to share something on my heart and it has taken me into very uncharted territory and waters. A vision will always require you to get off the shore and move into an area of unfamiliarity. I thought I would only have to make a few moves toward the water and God would do the rest. As it turns out, a vision will drive you right into the waters of life and make you learn to swim fast. In an effort to keep up with the demands of the ever present current, you begin to swim father out past the safety of your comfort zone. It is here in the unfamiliar that you find faith, real faith. It feel momentarily like you ended up in the wrong spot, but God has you in the position of trust in uncharted water. With no game plan, you must pray and seek and ask- daily. No option for a return to the shore. It’s time to tread water until the answers come in uncharted waters. It is here I know I will find the destination God has for me.

A Thankful Heart – #4

heart#4 Our lives are full of unnoticed heroes- the kind of person that doesn’t want any credit but invests so much into others. They are just like the pair of boots hidden subtly in this picture. They don’t scream for attention but their footprints in your life are significant. Thank an unnoticed hero in your life today and share this message with them.

A Thankful Heart – #3


#3 My daughter Faith, was only three years old when my mother died. She would tell her grandma Joyce, “memember
Grandma!” ( combining the word me and remember) She wanted my mother to remember her and not forget how much she loved her. The last email from my mother to me was signed –

Memember, I love you! Those words, “Memember” would burn into my heart-
Here’s my me-minder for you today:
Be grateful for all those you love and who love you!

And member, God loves you !

A Thankful Heart – #2


#2: My heart felt like a big game of scrabble. After losses in our family, I struggled to find the words of thankfulness and joy for people in my life. My heart was in pieces. As my grief lifted, I focused on the people of love in my life as invaluable treasures. Being thankful to God was a key that opened my heart to feel joy. Each day I hope to provide you will reminders for your Facebook page that you can share with others! Blessings to you today on the adventure of being thankful! If you dare, leave me one letter that describes the thankfulness in your heart. #TwoWeekstoRepurpose