Another training session..

Another training session..

Training a child looks a lot like this picture- (notice  this is not a picture of my son kiteboarding, but the kite sitting on the beach during the training for his big event.) This is a picture of a kite waiting to sail , just like a child getting ready to launch into God’s big world one day. It can be discouraging as a mom to feel like life has become a series of moments that aren’t that important. I am not watching them do anything that spectacular except live their lives day in and day out, get up and go to bed, homework, routine, chores unfinished- life that never seems like a moment worth capturing….the grind of motherhood with lots of kids. I have learned these moment are SO IMPORTANT to capture and see as an investment. This picture was taken by my only son to finish the 68 mile kite surfing event. The big moment for him WAS coming…I couldn’t see how all the training was going to matter- I couldn’t see the investment of his time that would mean all the difference in his ability to participate in an event for 12 orphan children on the other side of the world. My husband, their dad , kept telling me , we need to train, we need to train!!…. Sounds like the words of scripture, Train up a child, Train up a child!-  Not perfect a child, admire a child or watch a child- it is just a call to TRAIN- Training is making them learn and do things which will be needed later in life- Training doesn’t always look glorious or get awards at the end of the school year for Mom!

I couldn’t see the big deal until I saw the day of the launch- It was a HUGE deal and the skill needed was immense.

Thank you God for the training moments in our lives with children that don’t seem like that much to a mom- It feels small and unnoticed but in your kingdom, these are useable, teachable, training moments that you will use to  launch into kingdom work one day for their life and others. They need every training moment and every experience just like they will need the wind to propel them into the air….RIDE LIVE GIVE

a picture my son Chase took while training for Freeride836

“Not” going to believe this!

Stoked for Hope

Stoked for Hope

You are NOT going to believe this!

Today I received a card in the mail from a college friend who has watched the Freeride836 fundraiser unfold on social media. We were sorority sisters at Florida State- Go Noles! Back in those days, I was NOT doing much for God except running away from Him. I knew in my head what I should be doing but I did NOT have any power to overcome temptation and live my convictions. I am NOT proud of the fact that I didn’t influence others to be leaders for Christ instead of  being just like everyone else. Several years after college, my heart was radically changed to live on fire for Jesus Christ. I have never had the opportunity to go back and tell may people from that time that I am a Christian now.

Tonight, I hold a card from one of those people who knew me when I was NOT being who God wanted me to be. Yet she wrote me that she was…..”so proud of me and the difference I am making”. She sent me money for a Stoked for Hope bracelet and told me this project strikes a special cord in her heart. From the photo she sent me, it appears that she has adopted her three children from all over the world. She herself has adopted orphans from an orphanage which makes me in return, proud of her and the difference God is making in her life.

I love how God chooses the things that are Not in this world- All the times we feel we are Not serving him well and Not living up to what He expects. I heard a man once say the only thing God expects from people is failure and that is why He sent Jesus! –  With all the things I am NOT, God is still able to make something so wonderful from a person who trusts him. Twenty years ago, I believed in the God who called himself the great” I AM!” Because of the ongoing work of His spirit alive in me, I AM- chosen, I AM forgiven, I AM able to overcomer sin, I AM loved with an everlasting love regardless of my performance, I AM able to break away from my past and live for a new future and hope. I AM so thrilled to be protected and loved by the great I AM…

Humbled and speechless, I had to lay down the precious card and write this blog for the people who feel they are NOT proud of something in their lives.When your life is fully surrendered to God’s power you will become someone you ARE proud of!! I never set out to try to be someone others respected. It just happens when you follow after the God who has the power to change hearts and lives.

I AM so grateful and so very blessed ….

God chose the lowly things of this world, and the despised things- and the things that are Not….

1 Corinthians 1:28

Making Baby Steps toward a dream











Chase at 11 months old, unable to walk, but Mark has him starting to ride! 

No dream begins overnight. It is years of taking little baby steps toward on big wonderful dream…It means doing a little something everyday to propel you into what you really love. Maybe it is just a card or letter you need to write. A chapter written of a book or an idea you scribble on a paper. A job you inquire about or a class you register to take. It all starts with little baby steps along the way. It is not about waiting for the perfect time, finances or opportunity to come knock on your door…..

In our lives, water sports are my husband’s passion. His dream involved making fun memories on baby step at a time. This was Chase before he could walk and his dad was already planning where he wanted to take him. Same with God, our heavenly Father, has a plan and a path for you to take. He knows where He wants you to go in life. He is willing to walk you through, one baby step at at time….Are you ready to take one baby step today?