Tell me your dream

Are you brave enough to tell me the dream in your heart ? Let’s make this post a conversation between us- If you are willing, just list one dream you have considered in your life- good or bad- realistic or crazy – go for it! beating-the-wave

What’s your dream?

Dreams flow out of passion.

They come like a wave that seeks to either drown you or carry you to the shore. They are so terrifying that either you sink or swim beneath their weight. At times you think your dream might crush you to the bottom of despair. If you open your heart and really embrace the dream, you begin to ride the wave of a lifetime- It carries you to unexpected heights. You being to loose the fear of falling off because the ride is just too good …

In our life, my husbands passion has always been the water. He was an old school windsurfer back in the 80’s- WooHoo! The cutest one on the beach I might add. He lived to escape into water sports and a day on the water admiring God’s creation. It was fun. It was exhilarating and it was life to him. Bring that passion over twenty years into the future, combine a family of four, a new evolving water sport called kite boarding and the passion continued to emerge. One father and three sons begin kite boarding together. I love the way my husband told me that he was not going to be a side-line father and just show up for events. He wanted to be in the water of life together with them- teaching them- enjoying life with them and learning with them. He wanted to live a dream of sharing water-sports with his family – a dream was born…

So…what’s your dream? Will you ride that wave or will you let it roll over you and pass you by?

Freeride 836 Begins

Freeride 836 Begins

Just a dream getting ready to set sail